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10/17/07-Smith County

County Judge Suffers Accidental Gunshot Wound

An East Texas judge announces he accidentally shot himself in the leg. Smith County Judge Joel Baker says he was cleaning his 22-caliber pistol at his home Monday night, when it went off, striking him in the left upper thigh.

Judge Baker did not have to undergo surgery and doctors say he will make a full recovery with no major damage to his leg. 

"I'm a concealed handgun holder, I've been to all the classes, and I always teach gun safety at home, but I made a careless mistake, I regret it. It certainly won't happen again at my home, but it does reinforce the need for gun safety," Judge Baker says.

Police did investigate and determined foul play was not involved in any way. Judge Baker says he has already returned to work and will be at Thursday's town hall jail meeting in Bullard.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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