Restaurants Are Found to Have Problems In the Kitchen

Jacalito's at 2410 E. Gentry in Tyler was inspected March 14th.  A Pan of shredded beef in walk-in cooler was at 50F. Restaurant was cited for improper cool down procedures. Needs to go from 140F to 45F in 6 hours or less.

Brenda Elrod of the Smith County Public Health District:  "If you hold it less than 140F, you run the risk of allowing bacteria to multiply, causing enough of a bacteria there to make someone sick."

Also, Jacalito's had no soap/towels at handsink in kitchen and employee restroom. Rodent droppings were found in a cabinet at beverage counter. Score: 89. The Health Department says a recheck report is pending.

Outback at 5704 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected February 21st. Baked potatoes cooked the day before were tested at 57F. The restaurant was cited for improper cool down procedures. The potatoes should be below 45F by six hours. Cooler needs to be kept clean and rust needs to be removed from corroded racks.  Score: 88.  No recheck ordered.

Tio's at 13411 I-20 West was inspected March 14th. Pies were at 55Ff, should be 45F or below. Towels were needed in ladies' restroom. Rodent droppings found under bar in dining room, and rust was on food contact surfaces.  Score: 86.  A recheck report is pending, but the inspector tells us the rodent problem has been resolved.

Petty's at 309 N. Main in Lindale was inspected March 8th. The walk-in cooler needed repair. It was not maintaining 45F or below. Cooked gravy was discarded and inspector cited proper cool-down techniques need to be used.  Score: 83.  On a recheck March 12, the cooler was repaired. No score was given.

Fuller's Fine Foods at 601 E. Front in Tyler was inspected March 4th. The inspector reported a cook used bare hands instead of tongs to pick up chicken, which then dropped on counter. Dented cans were noted, and rodent droppings were found.

The health department says Fuller's has been using an exterminator to take care of it's pest problem.

Elrod: "The idea with extermination is that you take care of what's inside the building, then you keep more from coming in, or from growing within, so it's a multi-level attack and they've got to stay strong on all fronts."

Also at Fuller's, there were problems with condition of food contact surfaces.  The score was 79. A recheck is pending.