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Website Counts Down Until Shelter Dogs Are Euthanized

If you typed in the web address,, you would find a picture of Nigel.  Nigel lives in an animal shelter in California, and he only has days to live.

And Nigel, along with other dogs like him, are exactly what the founders of the website wanted you to see.  

"I really applaud someone, or an organization, for stepping forward and trying to educate people," said Gayle Helms with the Smith County Humane Society.

The website was laucnhed three weeks ago and works with 120 shelters nationwide to help shelter dogs find homes before they are put down.

The site also profiles dogs on its memorial page that did not get rescued in time.  Some people said it's a message that needed to be sent.  

"We're put here to be stewards of these animals and we're doing such a poor job of it," said Helms.  "I think it's very tastefully done."

Others said the in-your-face website makes people too uncomfortable, getting them to adopt dogs without fully understanding the responsibilities of owning a pet.  

But Helms said whether you adopt a dog off of a website or from a shelter, it is important to consider those responsibilities.  Owning a dog is a 15 year committment, she said.

Leslie Lasater of Tyler adopted her dog Paco, a Chihuahua mix.  She said for other dogs, the website could not have come at a better time.  

"I'm a dog lover, and I don't really like to see any animal put down," Lasater said.  "If it can be rescued, it can be rescued."

And she hopes the joy of dog adoption is something many more people will be able to feel.  

"He's just been the best dog ever," Lasater said.  "If you adopt a dog from the humane society, they're the best dogs ever because they appreciate it."

Layron Livingston, Reporting.

To visit the DogsInDanger web site, click the Know More On 7 link.

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