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Lights Go Out At Tyler Junior College

Classes this evening will go on as usual at Tyler Junior College, despite some electrical problems Tuesday afternoon.

A problem at a transformer on the edge of campus sent every building at TJC into the dark for the better part of an hour.  While most buildings were restored before 4 p.m., the Rogers Student Center was still blacked out for a while.

For a few folks, it was a little more than inconvenient.  

"In this particular case, we had people in two separate elevators in buildings.  And it's uncomfortable to be stuck in an elevator when you lose power.  No one suffered any injuries obviously, we were able to get those people out.  It doesn't hurt for us to be looking at preventive measures for the future," said Fred Peters of TJC.

TJC will be looking at a switch that will keep the problem transformer from knocking out power to the whole campus.

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