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Employers Monitor Facebook

Facebook.com. It's the sixth most trafficked web site, similar to Myspace and other social networking web sites. Most people use it to catch up with friends-- with the intent of keeping content posted in their inner circle. But that circle can sometimes reach potential employers.

A common site on Facebook pages are people at parties with drinks in hand. It's all in the name of fun, but could that fun. But those pictures could backfire when you apply for a job.

"Could Facebook or MySpace prevent you from getting the job you want? and the answer 100% yes it could," said Krista Richardson with Career Services at UT Tyler. Krista tells students to post responsibly because all the preparation in the world could mean nothing if what they have online could prevent them from getting a job.

"A student really needs to be aware of how they portray themselves in pictures or in comments. be aware of that . The Internet is not private.

John Goad is a MBA graduate from UT Tyler. He like many others has a Facebook page.

"I'm just looking to start a career. I saw they had a job fair and thought I'd check it out," said John.

That's why he was at the job fair Tuesday, meeting potential employers.

KLTV asked employers attending the fair they looked at these social networking web sites.

"I have actually looked at MySpace," said Jennifer Bardin at Martin Resource Management, "It gives you an idea of who they are as a person."

Thai Mason HR director PSK "We actually do look at those sites, because a lot of students tell the truth about themselves on those sites. Sometimes the representation on there are not very good. We figure if you will put that on the web site we don't know if we want to associate you with our firm. "

After realizing that one bad picture could turn a potential employer off, John re-evaluated his page. 

"I went and looked at mine and said okay is there anything that could be construed in a bad way?," said John, "I don't have anything on there that I would be embarrassed of or anything that I think would compromise me being hired. It's all me and who I am."

And for him, that means being careful of others watching just who he is. 

Danielle Capper, Reporting  dcapper@kltv.com


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