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Cowboys First Loss A Learning Lesson

Maya: Coach most folks had predicted the Patriots would win this game so it wasn't that much of a surprise to a lot of people.

Coach Stinson: No I thought they would win too. I like the Cowboys but I thought that the Patriots would win.

Maya: What did this game prove? The Cowboys were 5-0 and a lot of people were already predicting a Super Bowl, that New England versus Dallas was going to be the Super Bowl matchup. But this game proved they still have a lot to work on...

Coach Stinson: They have a lot to work on. (The Patriots) showed them that they are not the elite team that they though they were and it kind of put their heart in place and let them know that they have to do a lot of work. With Tom Brady, he showed poise and he showed everything that a professional quarterback can show in a game.

Maya: As a player you've been in this situation. The Cowboys were 5-0, they can't hang their head for too long but what does this do to you mentally after a game like this?

Coach Stinson: It's a big let down for the Cowboys. This kind of let them see where they need to go and how they need to get there. They're going to have to decide when they play these other division teams like the Giants and the Redskins and the Eagles that they're going to really have to play. You've got to look at Dallas right now. They've got the Redskins twice, the Giants twice and the Philadelphia Eagles twice. Those are six games right there that are going to decide if they even make the playoffs.

Maya: Alright, I'm going to let you have your minute to say what you want about Tech and A&M. I'm an Aggie you're a Red Raider.

Coach Stinson: Aw, you know we won. I'm not going to rub it in. I was going to bring you a shirt but I didn't. It's good because next year, we're going to play again.

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