C.A.S.A Kids Become Apron Artists

You are probably used to seeing children's artwork in schools, on refrigerators, and maybe on the doors to their rooms. But Wednesday afternoon, some Tyler kids were painting on aprons.

Don't worry, it's for a good cause. C.A.S.A. for Kids of East Texas, a United Way charity, is going to auction off the decorated aprons at their "Justice is Served" dinner next month.

Volunteer Services Director, Pam McGee says the proceeds will go to help C.A.S.A., which serves nearly 400 neglected and abused children in Smith, Van Zandt and Wood counties. "J.B. Smith will auction these aprons off along with the story. Of course, we change the names. But it tells the story of the child that painted these aprons."

The Justice is Served Dinner will be held April 19th at the Tyler Rose Garden. Tickets are $35 per person and $200 per table. Call 597-7725 for more information.