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KFC Trial Opens In New Boston

   Startling new information is revealed in the infamous k-f-c murder case, as the trial begins in new Boston.    Opening arguments began in the trial of Romeo Pinkerton. He and darnell hartsfield each face 5 counts of capitol murder in the 1983 killings. With a mountain of file evidence, and dozens of family members of victims on hand the k-f-c trail began. 139:50<we'll there's lots of things going through my mind which has been going through my mind for about 23 something years.> 151:32<there were some surprises in the prosecutions opening arguments today, they're now saying that's there's a third suspect in the case and one of the k-f-c murder victims was actually sexually assaulted that has been proven through d-n-a analysis.> prosecutors say Pinkerton, in a secretly recorded conversation with a fellow prison inmate, hinted at a third person allegedly involved in the robbery and murders. 140:04<there's a lot of changes come that we didn't;t know anything about and I think it's more positive mistakes that were made in the beginning and this thing would have been settled a long time ago.> Pinkerton's defense is hinging it's case on the original focus of investigation, jimmy mankins, and a mysterious fingernail at the scene.... Something that angered mankins family in court today. 141:28<we felt that Jim had nothing to do with these murders and we kept on they could not prove nothing > 140:57<they had one thing on their mind , that fingernail they could not get their mind off that fingernail.> with a lengthy trial and graphic evidence now looming, families of the victims are now bracing themselves, hoping after all these years, justice will finally be done. 144:33<well I'm hoping I don;t cry anymore because I have cried so many years I can't even cry any more.>   Romeo Pinkerton pleaded not guilty to each of the five murder charges against him. Darnell hartsfield's trial is still pending. Bob hallmark/bhallmark@ .
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