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Football Player Doing Well After Serious Injury From Game

An East Texas football player is up and running...well, not quite running just yet, but is doing well after suffering from a serious injury last week. Billy Hill, 18, was playing football for Alba-Golden Friday night, when he was knocked to the ground, temporarily paralyzed and later care-flighted to Tyler. He and his mom tell KLTV his amazing story, a story many are describing as simply one close call.

Alba-Golden tight-end Billy Hill is working hard at his first day on the job at a custom cabinets shop. It's hard to believe just three days ago, he was care-flighted to a hospital during a football game.

'I was going to get back up and run back to the huddle, but my back just went numb, I couldn't feel my arms, I went okay, something is definitely wrong," Billy says.

Hit hard while jumping to catch a pass, Billy was knocked to the ground, not able to breathe. He lay temporarily paralyzed for half an hour before a helicopter flew him to Tyler.

"It was just really painful seeing my baby leave in a helicopter, not knowing what was going to happen when I go to the hospital, if he was going to be ok or not," says Billy's mom, Gay Hill.

Doctors say Billy suffered from internal bruising and a spinal cord stinger, but with Mom at his side, he's almost able to give 100 percent again.

"I just started thanking the Lord you know, it was just such a relief, such a relief, just like I won the lottery, that's what I felt like that," Billy's mom describes.

A complete 180-something everyone says is nothing short of a miracle. 

"I think God had something to do with it, without question," says football coach Paul Fry.

"When he hit me and my trainer told me to stay down, I thought something's wrong, I'm not going to walk again and to get up and walk out of the hospital and know I was going to get to play another day, it was a good feeling," Billy says.

And so Billy will get his second chance under those Friday night lights, knowing all the while his family and team will be right there with him.

"Oh those Friday night lights are coming up and playoffs here we come," Billy says.

Billy is hoping to be out on the field again this coming Friday, but, for now, he's taking it slow during practice, cheering on his team.

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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