You Can Join 340,000 Other Texans and Say No to Telemarketers

Kitty Lockridge runs a beauty salon out of her home and is plagued by phone calls from dreaded telemarketers.

"To be honest with you I can't stand them because they call me when I am real busy and don't have time to fool with them," says Kitty. But she can get relief from the onslaught of telemarketer calls by signing up for the Texas no call list. It costs about $2.25 and it will keep your number off of telemarkerter lists for three years.

There are several ways in which you can register. You can get an application off the Internet at, or call the public utility commission at there toll free number 1-866-896-6225,

Over the last two days so many people have wanted to register their phone line and web site have gone down several times. They became over loaded when 20,000 people signed up in 24 hours.

Once you register and pay $2.25 with a credit card, your number will be given to telemarketers with the words do not call, which they have to abide by starting July 1, 2002. If they don't they may face hefty fines up to $1000.

Signing up for the program won't keep everyone from calling though. They can still call if they're collecting a debt, asking for charitable donations, if you have a previous business relationship with the company, or if they are a state licensee.