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Pine Tree Band Focuses On The Future After An Unfortunate School Bus Accident

Jesse Morgan, 15 said it all seemed like a dream.  

"It didn't seem real at all," said Morgan.  Unfortunately, it was real.  Morgan, a percussionist with the Pine Tree High School Band, was riding the bus on his way to a football game with his fellow band mates, when it left the road, crashing into a tree.  He said the accident shook him up, but is now a thing of the past.  

"We just have to stay focused on what we're going to do and not worry about that stuff," said Morgan.  That's because the Pine Tree High School Band is scheduled to perform at an area UIL marching competition, Tuesday.  Band members say, even though the accident is still fresh in their minds, their focus is on the future.  

"We've worked so hard ever since the beginning of August, and we wouldn't want an incident like this to make us completely give up," said saxophone player Rachel Milleur.  "We're a band.  We're a family."  It is that sense of unity, which is bringing this group of young people even closer together.

"I think it [has] strengthened our band even more," said senior saxophone player Selwyn Snoddy.  "I didn't really expect our band to keep it together like it did, but it did, and I'm just so proud of everyone."  It's a positive outlook in the wake of what could have been, an even worse situation.

"Whether we march on Tuesday or not, I know that we're all just going to regroup and be really strong when it comes time for this to happen," said Snoddy.  What has kept them going?  Their band director, Glenn Wells, who was driving the bus that crashed, Friday.  Wells is now out of the hospital after being treated for his injuries.

 "I know that Mr. Wells will be in our thoughts a lot," said Morgan.  "That's motivation for what we're preparing to do."

Snoddy agreed.  He said he just knows Wells is ready to get back on the field, just like the students.

Layron Livingston, KLTV 7 News.


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