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10/13/2007- Lindale

Lindale's CountryFest Draws Record Crowd

East Texans say it's a great way to spend a Saturday.  There's good food, musical entertainment, fun games and rides, and lots of old friends to catch up with.

"It brings people together and is good family, clean fun," said CountryFest Director of Marketing and Publicity Elaine Fitzgerald.  "Everybody in town gets to mingle and meet all the people that come in."  CountryFest started as a school carnival 22 years ago, but has grown right along with the town of Lindale.  Then in 1999, they incorporated the Bull Fest.

"We went from a little school carnival to a huge city-wide festival and a professional bull riding here in Lindale, Texas," said Fitzgerald.  Of course, don't forget Mutton Bustin, which is a favorite for the little ones.  Plus, a history lesson from the Sons of the Confederate Veterans.

"We're here to promote heritage," said Robert Gean Sullivan. "We want everybody to know what went on and not let it happen again.  It was brother against brother, father against son."  With plenty to offer, CountryFest is a favorite from the youngest to the oldest.

"It just brings a lot of different people in to see how much Lindale has grown, and it helps the businesses a lot because it just brings in a big crowd," said Lindale Resident Monica Wintters.

"These people aren't just local people," said Fitzgerald.  "They come from other cities, they come from other states.  We have a record crowd of about 10,000 now."

A sign of growth for the town of Lindale, and proof it's still holding true to its country roots.

Courtney lane, Reporting.

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