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Mudstock 2007 Brings Thousands

It's a huge event that draws thousands to East Texas:Mudstock in Jacksonville.

Organizers expect anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 people.

"Everything is bigger in Texas. Bikes are bigger, trucks are bigger, parks are bigger and people are drawn to that," said Brandon Broussard from Louisiana. "People are drawn to where things are bigger."

That's what drew Brandon to Jacksonville: 3500 acres of rolling hills.

"It's hard to pull off an event this size in any other state to date. Texas is where it is at," said Brandon.

"Really this is kind of the capital in the United States where folks can get in the mud and play," Charlie Thomas, GAP general manager, said.

Playing is what they're doing. The park was full of campers in RV's and tents hanging out and, of course, driving in the mud.  Many compete in the races, which feature multiple courses for men, women and children.

"Knowing what's around you is very important," said Brandon Broussard, who is also a sponsored racer. 

Brandon stressed the importance of safety when riding.

"If you take a kid that has never rode, you have to spell things out. This is the brake, this is the throttle and you can't do this. This is your limitations," said Brandon. "These things are as powerful as motorcycles and some cars, and they will do some damage."

So racers young and old wear full gear.

"We endorse the safety factor. All are required to wear long pants, helmets and gloves," said Dennis Boyd, district sales manager of Can-Am. "We are giving helmets to some kids. It is all about fun and safety."

You still have time to go out the event goes throuh Sunday. It's at the Mudcreek Off-Road Park in Jacksonville. Tomorrow's event starts at 9 a.m.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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