Man Accused of Torturing Dog

A Longview man is arrested after police say he tortured his ex-girlfriend's dog.

Lee Michael Rhea is accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend's Boston Terrier, following a heated argument with the woman.

"Pretty Boy", as he's called, is still having trouble walking. His owner, Brandy White, says he has a pin in his leg after Friday's attack. She says he also suffers from a blood clot in his brain. A neighbor witnessed part of the incident.

"I heard alot of whinning and barking and stuff like that. Hitting the walls & then when i got in my car i saw the dog fly out of the door and hit the bush and hit the concrete real hard," said the neighbor.

Brandy says she'd been trying to break up with her boyfriend, 24-year old Lee Michael Rhea. Police say during an argument he turned his anger towards Brandy's puppy.

He allegedly choked it, hit it in the nose, then threw is up against a wall. Then, it's accused he hit the animal against the head board of the bed, then, threw it out the door into the front yard.

Brandy says the dog reinjured an already broken leg from a previous attack by Rhea.

Rhea was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. He's already been released after posting bond.

As for "Pretty Boy", Brandy says she's confident he'll make a full recovery from his injuries.

Rhea is also charged with theft and for unlawfully restraining his ex-girlfriend during the argument.