Gas Prices Skyrocket

Pump prices are on the rise. With the biggest jump seen in a two week period since the past 50 years.

You can see it on the gas station signs. Pump prices are going up. The steady flow of pump dwellers trickling into Lindale's Racetrack gas station hasn't slowed up. But the creeping prices are changing their buying habits.

"They're buying less gas and talking about maybe curtailing summer vacations," says store manager, Ida Feldman.

People like J.B. Brannen and his wife, Alice say travel plans are the sole reason why they've just bought a brand new R-V. "Well curtail our travels.  You can't stretch Social Security and retirement that much."

If the summer brings higher prices, Janet Wilson won't necessarily cancel her plans, "Pay the price then gripe," she says. "I'll make less trips, instead of going two times I'll go one time."

Many station owners say as the prices continue to rise, so do the number of drive off thefts.