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10/10/07 - Longview

An East Texan Gets Inducted In The Texas Aviation Hall Of Fame

It's not everyday you get inducted into a hall of fame, especially something called "The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame". An East Texan is the latest honoree-- Bill Bussey might be best known for helping "The Great Texas Balloon Race" get its start. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley gets to the bottom of why this guy likes to stay on top of it all.

Bill Bussey has been flying hot air balloons for 30 years. "Many years ago, I saw my first hot air balloon and the fascination began," said Bussey. Bussey knows a lot about balloons, not only how to fly them but he knows why balloons have bragging rights over airplanes. "The hot air balloon is 120 years older than the Wright Brothers. Man's first flight was in a hot air balloon, it wasn't one man, it was two men," said Bussey. With over 30 U.S. National Records and countless balloon competition awards, Bill's love of flying is evident. "I'm totally enthralled with this whole venture. I've been able to achieve a lot of things and recognition. I think anyone else could do the same thing, if they just put their mind to it and have the determination."  

And determination is what has lead Bussey to his biggest honor-- being inducted into the Texas Aviation Hall Of Fame."I'm most proud of the fact that our sport, hot air ballooning, is being brought into the Aviation Hall of Fame. More importantly, I want to grow the sport in a proper direction. I'm just an average guy that takes advantage of this great sport."

Dr. Bussey will be formally inducted into the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame in November.

 LaKecia Shockley, reporting. 

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