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10/10/06 - Tyler

Gift of Love: Chase, Teenager Needs Love

If it makes noise, goes fast and involves sports, this 17 year old is probably going to like it. "I like video games. Video games are fun," says Chase.

All in all, he is just a typical teenager. "I like girls," he adds with a smile.

But he's also a polite young man. Emanuel Allen, with Youth and Family, says "Chase went to church with me. He enjoyed it very much. Other people who met him enjoyed him. He was like 'yes ma'am, no sir.' He's an all around good kid."

Chase has been in foster care since 1998, removed from his home because of neglect. He needs someone to encourage and support him and boost his self-esteem.

"I think a permanent family could change him in a great way. It takes a special family to take care of a kid like him. He's in a transition period where he's in adolescence now and it's going to take a special family to help him transition to adulthood," says Emanuel.

Chase has moved from foster home to foster home and several different schools. This year, in the 11th grade, is his first year on a public school campus. "I've got a couple friends at school right now," says Chase.

But the change has been hard on him. He will need tutoring with school work because of a developmental delay. "With his emotions and previous situation he was in and also with him trying to balance that with the everyday grind of school, it's tough for him," Emanuel said.

After years of feeling alone, Chase is ready to find a forever family. "It's going to take special parents to show him the love he needs."

If you'd like to know more about Chase call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting

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