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KLTV NFL Analyst Breaks Down Cowboys Crazy Win

The Cowboys 25-24 victory over Buffalo on Monday Night Football was the wild finish grandparents will tell their grandson's about one day. In a game where the quarterback had six turnovers, the Cowboys still managed to pull off one of sports most incredible comebacks. KLTV NFL Analyst and former Chicago Bear Lemuel Stinson sat down with Sports Director Maya Golden to pick break down the win.

Maya: Alright, so Coach, first question I've got to ask is how did the Cowboys win that game? Lemuel: To me it was that they stayed patient. They didn't break down once they were behind, or got down, they kept playing, they kept playing and they didn't change from anything.

Maya: One of the questions that I have is about Tony Romo. He seems to get so demoralized so quickly in the game, is that something he's going to need to work on?
Lemuel: Yeah, he's got to work on that a little bit. It upsets him when he is doing bad when things are not going the way he wants them to go. He's trying to figure it out and once he does he's pretty happy.

Maya: The timeout called right before Nick Folk kicked the first field goal, it's something (Mike) Shanahan did a couple of weeks ago, what does the NFL need to do because there is nothing to regulate coaches doing that.
Lemuel: The timeout, it's just in the game. They're going to ice the guy and see if he's going to make it. Before he kicked it, he called time out, but this was as he was going into the snap. That's Shanahan's way of just natting and picking at everybody.

Maya: You said you really did believe he was going to make it the second time too?
Lemuel: Yes. After he kicked the first one and it went through the uprights, it was a relief off his back. He knew he could make it so it wasn't a problem.

Maya: What happened to the Romo we have seen in the first four weeks to the Romo we saw Monday night?
Lemuel: Like I told you last week, Buffalo is not a joke team. They've been losing some tight games and they've been playing some good ball. The thing is, they are just like the Cowboys were last year and they are going to get better and better.

Maya: They had such a tough game on the road, they will be at home which gives them an advantage but at the same time, it's New England.
Lemuel: New England plays on the road well and they play at home well.

Maya: And Tony Romo better have a better game...
Lemuel: If he throws five interceptions this time those guys can hang it up, they can take it back to the house.
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