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10/09/2007- East Texas

Recalled Toys Being Resold On EBay

It's easy to do. You click and you bid, but beware. The toy you're trying to buy could be a health-hazard to your child.

"I think it's really sad," said Lynn Draper, a grandmother. "I think it's sad that we haven't taken more precautions to protect our children."

With just a quick search KLTV found a few recalled toys for sale on eBay. One, was a wooden pull-along blocks toy, made by KB Toys. This item was recalled after excessive levels of lead were found in the exterior paint.

Another recalled toy we found for sale on eBay was The Fisher Price Harley Davidson Power Wheel Cycle. This toy was recalled after reports that the pedal got stuck in the "ON" position.

"It's disturbing that if someone did not know that these items had been recalled that they were being resold," said Stephanie Carlton, a concerned mother. "It's a total lack of concern for someone else's child."

Retail stores now have signs in place where recalled toys were pulled off the shelves. Online sources are also trying to put out the same warning. On it's site eBay states: "It does not permit the listing of items that have been identified by the C.P.S.C. as hazardous to consumers and therefore subject to a recall."

Yet with millions of items posted everyday, some things do slip through.

"You'd think there would be someone out there that would be safe-guarding all of these toys for our children," said Draper. "I guess we're going to have to do that ourselves."

It's just one more thing parents need to watch for in this toy recall scare.

Courtney Lane, Reporting.

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