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Man's Incredibly Long Leg Hair Possible World Record

It looks like a Guinness record is set right here in East Texas.  But would you really want to claim it as yours? 

Medical student Wes Pemberton is really proud of his long hair -- hair longer than anyone's on Earth.  His one long hair is, in his own words, a freak of nature that's firmly attached to his left calf.

And he's proud as a papa.

The long road for Wes Pemberton started in June with a car ride in shorts.  He saw the strangest thing.

"I thought it was a hair from one of the girls in the car and it was attached.  I'm just wondering 'what is this long hair doing attached to my leg'," he said.

On his calf, surrounded by normal hair, was a hair that measures five inches long.  It doesn't have a name, but it'll be famous.

"The world record is 4.88 inches. So I just kind of washed it, and tried to protect it.  When I get in the shower, I condition it to make sure it stays nice and strong."

Wes knew Guinness would want to know.

"You have to have two witnesses who you have not met before and are in good standing in the community, and that's when I got the Tyler Police Department involved," he said.

Officer Don Martin was one of the witnesses. 

"I thought, 'Well, that's a first'," Officer Martin said.

The official measurement came Monday with a few officers crowding around.  Some others wanted nowhere near it. 

Neither does Wes's wife.

"She was a little embarassed, especially when I would tell my friends," Wes said. "I thought it was the neatest thing in the world, and she did not."

Wes said the rest of him is normal.

"No, I'm not this monkeyman with these long leg hairs all over my body.  It was just one strand."

And it'll be gone soon, once the record is his.

"Once that's done, I think I might pluck it out and hang it there next to the certificate."  

It may take a couple of months before the record is verified, but we'll keep you posted. 

The current leg hair world record of 4.88 inches is held by a man in Australia back in 2005.

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