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Free Smoke Detectors From Tyler Fire Department

The Tyler Fire Department, along with the Texas Department of Family Protective Services, will be giving away free smoke detectors to homeowners in Tyler.

Residents can get two free smoke detectors as long they're available, and officials said it is just a start to keeping families safe.

"We just want to get the word out on what they can do in some of those instances to ensure their safety before a fire happens," said Gerald Burks with Adult Protective Services.

"Ultimately we'd like to prevent every fire from occurring," said Tyler Fire Department Captain Jeff Akin.   "Unfortunately we can't always prevent fires from happening, so in that case we want to have people prepared in the event of a fire."

And if homeowners need help installing their smoke detectors, the Tyler Fire Department said it will gladly help residents with that request.

Just stop by their administration office at 1718 Houston Street in Tyler, or call (903) 535-0005.

Layron Livingston, reporting.


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