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10/8/07-East Texas

Police Warn Counterfeit Tickets Going Around

Whether you're rooting for the Cowboys, Longhorns, or Tigers, be careful because the next ticket you buy could just be a fake. What happened to about a hundred fans at this weekend's LSU game could very well happen anywhere.

"We did get a report that there were counterfeit tickets passed through the line," says Major Lawrence Rabalais with the LSU Police Department.

Fake tickets that look so real that those hundred people had no idea they were worth nothing more than the paper they're printed on. Now, police are focusing their efforts on how this could happen.

"Try to find out exactly how this took place, over the Internet or such," Rabalais says.

So how do you know if our ticket is real or fake, police say its all about the source.

"If at all possible, get them from the athletic department, don't get them from strangers or someone selling them at the game or over the Internet," he warns.

So if your ticket doesn't come straight from the athletic department, then police say keep your fingers crossed.  Not just for your favorite team, but to actually be let in and that's a risk that doesn't come cheap.

"Somewhere as much as $1500, some as much as $800," Major Rabalais explains.

So a warning to all football fans out there: beware of who you're buying that ticket from, because no amount of money is worth finding out your ticket to the most anticipated game of the year is a fake.

Police say they are currently trying to trace the counterfeit tickets back to the source. At this point, they do have some good leads.

As for spotting those fake tickets, police say they do look very real so pay attention to minor details like crooked letters or a different font than what's on the real ones.

Tracy Watler, Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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