Smith County Constable Debates Commissioners Over Animal Control Issues

County commissioners found themselves in a cat fight over dogs this they discussed alledged problems with northern Smith County's animal control.

County commissioner Frank Sawyer questioned whether Constable Charles Wilson was doing his job properly.

Wilson claims the dispute is over a singular incident involving the commissioner. Sawyer was upset that a wounded dog, he has since adopted, was not picked up by Wilson's office.

Wilson says he never knew about the stray dog.

Sawyer said the debate is about more than the stray dog. He claims he's received more complaints about animal control in northern Smith County.

"All I can go by is all the complaints I get almost daily throughout the northern half of the county that people are dissastified with the way things are going," he said

Wilson said though there are complaints...he and his animal control officer are doing their jobs.

"We have it under control," he said. "Like I say - if you get a community, or a district or an area where there's no complaints... something's wrong."