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10/07/07- HENDERSON

Fire Destroys Henderson Home

        An early morning house fire in Henderson, leaves a family of 5 homeless and destroys everything they own.   All that's left for 38 year old James Lee is to search through charred rubble, looking for anything to save.

    "Well I was concerned about my wife and kids you know, they're all I got" said Lee.

    At 1am Sunday, a faulty wire sparked a blaze that destroyed his home. His three children would have been victims had it not been for the kids grandmother taking them out to eat 30 minutes earlier.

   "And we came back and we got about a block from the house and fire trucks and ambulances and all that house was all ablaze on fire." said Toni Godwin, Lee's mother.

     It's the second devastating house fire in his family in a year. Last October, his sister lost her Henderson home in a fire.

    "She called me already and asked if there was anything she could do for us, she's a single mother trying to take care of three teenage kids on a waitresses salary, I said Susan I appreciate it but we'll be okay." said Lee.

   Lee lost everything, except a few of his children's clothes and toys.

    "I've tried to hold it together the best I could for them because they need somebody to be strong. I'm going to keep doing that," said Lee.

    But as a father and husband, he knows there's only one thing he can do.

    "I have to put my nose the grindstone and get with it,  I've got 3 babies and a wife I've got to start over for. I'll pick up the pieces and I'm get back on top" said Lee.

     Lee and his family are being temporarily housed by the Red Cross. If you would like to help you can donate to a fund being collected for the Lee's at the west main Exxon station in Henderson, located at 1310 West Main street.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.

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