Springtime Allergies Return

The signs of Spring are everywhere. Flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing. And on the hoods of cars and trucks in East Texas is another sign, pollen. Tree and grass pollen will bother sinuses from now until Fall.

Dr. Paul Sharkey, Associate Professor of Pediatrics for U.T. Health Center at Tyler says there are a wide variety of prescriptions for allergy relief in a bottle. "Nasal steroids are still thought to be the gold standard for treating allergies. You have nasal antihistamines. There's even an asthma pill called Monolucast that can be used occasionally in some patients to treat allergies."

The newest help medicine has to fight nature's pollen is a pill called Clarinex. "This is 100 percent of the active ingredient of Claritin. So, you don't need as much to get a better effect."

If you do enjoy the outdoors, even in pollen season, Dr. Sharkey says there are a few non medical steps you can take to control the sniffles before they start. "If it's a real windy day out side, then make sure when you come in from outside you've washed your body off and washed your hair out real good so that you don't carry the pollen to bed with you and breath it in at night while you're sleeping."

That way when you stop to sniff the flowers, you don't end up sneezing on the flowers.