Happy Child Needs Loving Home

Melody is a happy, well adjusted child born March of last year. She's a beautiful, friendly one year old who loves playing with toys, that make noise. "She can play by herself at times, and then there are times when she wants Mommy," says Mae Hamilton. Mae has been Melody's Foster Mom since she was just one month old. She says Melody's favorite time to play is at night, before bed. "I'll play with her and that's our time, and I grab her and hug her and coo, and I say, baby, when you leave me, I'm going to cry. I am. I know I am. She's just great, just great, she's a great baby!" Melody is a curious little girl who likes to explore. Her favorite activity, so far, is crawling on the floor. And make no mistake, she can move pretty quickly. Melody participates in Early Childhood Intervention, occupational and physical therapy. Due to her birth mother not knowing she was pregnant, she did not receive any prenatal care. Also, Melody was born early. However, she's making great improvements. Melody appears to be a healthy, energetic child, willing and able to learn new things. "No matter what's in a child you can pull things out of them as they grow you just watch them and observe them and look at their strong points and just work with what they know and I think Melody is going to be all right," says Mae. She goes on to say, "because she's as young as she is, who ever gets Melody can direct her in a path they want her to go and teach her many things because she's very observant." Mae says it's hard not to get attached to such a sweet little girl, but she knows the best place for Melody is with a forever family. One that is loving, patient and accepting. Mae says, "You can't bring a child into your home and not bring them into your heart. She's going to take something away from me I know." And what Melody takes away, is the same thing Mae wants Melody to have from permanent parents, the Gift of Love. "Just love my baby, love her, just love her," says Mae with a hopeful tear in her eye.

If you'd like to know more about Melody, or about the adoption process in general, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.