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10/5/7 - Longview

Longview-Lufkin Still Rivals, Even Out Of District

Longview and Lufkin still play at least once every year. It's no longer a district matchup any longer, but it's still one of the best rivalries in East Texas.

Lufkin currently holds the edge, winning the last eleven contests back to 1999. Their 16-13 win over Longview in the zero week still resonates with the Lobos.

"Oh, it's the greatest feeling right here," Lobos nose guard Dominique Morgan said. "I've been thinking about it ever since we lost to those guys."

Even without the rivalry, the teams have the proper credentials to make this a titanic matchup. Lufkin is undefeated, and ranked fourth in the state. Longview has their only loss to Lufkin, and a win over national top ten John Curtis from Louisiana. It's a big test, and

"it's almost like a playoff atmosphere with all the people watching," Lobos center  Dexter Dafney said.  "It really makes you want to play to the best of your abilities"

"There's no doubt about it," Lobos head coach John King said. "You're going into district play following a Lufkin game, you'll know all of your weaknesses because they're going to be exploiting them. "

It's a revenge game for the lobos, but even more so a statement game, a game that shows the rest of Texas that they'll play anyone anywhere anytime with no fear. When Longview and Lufkin both had games against out-of-state opponents cancelled, the teams decided to hook up twice in the predictrict schedule.

And this time, they want to start their own streak against Lufkin.

"We need to stay together as a team," Morgan said. "All in. That's what our slogan is. We just really want to go to state."

" Teams we play like this, they're just setting us up for the playoffs and state."

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