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Top Fattening Foods For The Fall Season

The first food is a treat that also has its share of tricks: Halloween candy. Eat four bite size bars, and you've consumed 320 calories.

"There are a lot of calories, empty calories that have no nutritional value.  So it'll make you gain weight," said Mother Frances registered dietician Jennifer Green.

Other figure busters will probably be on your Thanksgiving dinner table next month.

Stuffing comes in at 358 calories and 18 grams of fat per cup.  A half-cup serving of mashed potatoes, weighed down with milk and butter, is 200 calories.  Finish things off with an American favorite, like apple pie, and that's a 400 calorie 20 grams of fat dessert.

"A piece of apple pie with a little scoop of ice cream is the same as having a Big Mac at McDonald's.  It's like having another meal," said Green.

You can find a couple hundred calories in a cup of sugar-laden cider.

"If you go out to Starbucks or somewhere and get apple cider, choose the small cup, don't get the large," Green said.

Speaking of Starbucks, they're also on the list. Their coffee is notoriously high in calories and their autumn special is no exception.  The Venti "Pumpkin Spice Latte" weighs in at 510 calories and 20 grams of fat.

Then there is also candy apples. Add some caramel to the fall fruit and you're asking for 540 calories ... plus a big dental bill.

And last but not least...Turducken. The turkey, duck, chicken combination has a whopping 749 calories and more than 34 grams of fat.

The fattening meat in Turducken is the duck.

Green suggested watching your portion sizes if you plan on indulging in these foods.  She also said little things like an afternoon stroll can burn a lot of calories.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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