New Bullard High School is Christened

Bullard High School had a pep rally of a different sort in their gym Sunday.

Parents and high school students came to a special dedication for the new Bullard High School. Bullard superintendant Jim Wright says the $11.6 million school has solved the district's over-crowding problems.

Grades nine through twelve started classes in the new building early January. The teens say they are already seeing the benefits of having a larger school.

"I have heard some of the students say that I don't get to see as many of our my friends, except maybe coming down the stairwell," said Jim Wright, Bullard I.S.D superinendent. "And I took that as a compliment because this is all under one roof,  and the security is so so much better."

The new high school has also created more room for other Bullard schools. The middle school has since moved into the old high school.