Sabine River Flooding Expected

Flood stage is being predicted over the next 2 days for the Sabine river in Gregg county. It's almost an expected event after any heavy rains in East Texas... Flooding on the Sabine... Heavy downpours over the past 2 weeks have the river already bulging out of its banks in Gladewater... And leaving many not looking forward to whats ahead. The Sabine is expected to crest several feet above flood stage over the next 2 days. Bob Griffin's ranch in Longview has been flooded many times in the 11 years that hes owned it, and its something he now trys to prepare for every year... Making sure his cattle are taken care of and then just riding it out. For East Texans who live on the banks of the Sabine they're used to the problem of flooding and getting boats to get around, but experience doesn't make it any easier. Near White Oak the Sand Bar marina was shut down for over a month during last years floods and workers there are nervously waiting to see what the river will do. Many just hope that nature will just take it easy on them this time around.