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10/-3/07 - Longview

Longview Organization Helps East Texas Families In Need

Losing your home to an catastrophic event, like a house fire is mind blowing. One group in Longview, is lending a helping hand to East Texas families who've lost everything from such an event, that has left them homeless. Kltv 7's LaKecia Shockley has the story.   

Elaine Sena knows the heartaches of losing a home, after Hurricane Katrina swept through her home, leaving nothing but debris. "I had twelve feet of water in my house, and everything was gone-- I mean damaged," said Sena. With no place to go, Elaine turned to FAITH, an assistance in temporary housing program that donates to families who've suffered loss from fire and flood damage, like Elaine. "It's like a dream come true because where else would you go and have somebody extend a helping hand like that," said Elaine.  FAITH has helped over 250 East Texas families."We've been given items to help disabled people, given furniture, the couches, the chairs, you name it," said Darrell Howanitz, a FAITH board member. Every item that FAITH receives is donated. Organizers say they couldn't help others, without the community."We live in a nation with such an abundance and this is what's happening from people's abundance. They're giving to help those in need,"said Howanitz. "You can't put it into words. For people to extend a helping hand-- it's unbelievable," said Sena.  Even though Elaine lost her home and belongings she has gained a lot with help from the FAITH organization and there is one thing she knows for sure. "Anytime there's going to be somebody in need, FAITH is going to be there to help them. I'm sure of that."

Lakecia Shockley,reporting. lshockley@kltv.com

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