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10/3/2007-Smith Co.

Jackson Receives Maximum Sentence

She's been in an out of jail for months. Today, Melinda Jackson recieved a 10 year sentence for intoxicated assault, the maximum sentence allowed by the charge.

In addition, Jackson will also serve 2 years on a seperate DWI charge.

Jackson pleaded guilty to hitting Jesus Cardenas, a teenage boy blowing leaves, while she was intoxicated this past June.

In court Wednesday, the prosecution brought all the evidence to the table, including testimony on all the drugs found in Jackson's possession.

"Glass meth pipe, marijuana, and other unknown type pills," said Tyler Police Officer Mitchell Rogers.

"Several bars of Zanex, what I believe was hydrocodonie, a off white rock of crack cocaine," said another officer.

But the most moving testimony: the family of Jesus, and Jesus himself

"I was blowing leaves and I saw my dad. That's all I can remember," said Jesus.

"I was asking God to give him back to me," said Ramon Cardenas, Jesus' father.

Doctors say Jesus will probably never walk again. He can't go to school and his parents are now his full time caretakers.

"He doesn't have control of his stomach or his legs," said Ramon. 

"I couldn't believe it. I have to do everything with him. He can't do anything. I have to change his diapers," said Socorrow Cardenas, Jesus' mother. "I need people to help me to take him out of bed because I can't do it myself."

The family said they are clinging to each other and to their faith in God.

After the sentence was read, Socorrow took the stand again to tell Melinda Jackson what she thought.

"My youngest son he says, 'mommy I want my brother to walk again'," said Socorrow. "I don't know if you understand the pain that you have caused us."

An unbearable pain knowing their son may never walk again. But the Cardenas family has the comfort knowing the source of their pain will be behind bars.

Jackson must also pay $10,000 in fines and will have five years of mandatory probation when she gets out of jail.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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