Taxpayer Association Cries Foul Deal After County Judge Election

Now that the election is over, the Smith County Association of Taxpayers say they want to set the record straight.

Joann Fleming, the association's president, says Judge Larry Craig's campaign made false statements against the taxpayer's organization while running against Becky Dempsey for county judge.

At a "scat" news conference, this morning, president Fleming alleged Craig's television, radio and mail ads were incorrect when stating-- "scat" opposed the outer loop project, improvements on county facilities and construction of the juvenile detention facility.

Fleming says the association never disapproved of those needs, but that they wanted to make sure the county's money was used efficiently ...and make sure citizens had a say on where their money goes.

"They said that our organization opposes and continues to oppose all progress in Smith County," Fleming said. "They said we oppose everything. They said that the taxpayers' association has opposed the outer loop, costing tax payers money - that is not true. The taxpayers association has never opposed the outer loop and, thereby, never have cost the taxpayers any money on this project that will soon be underway."

Fleming says they do not intend to sue because spending time and funding to go to court would distract them from their mission.

We were unable to reach Judge Larry Craig for comment.