Tyler Police Fight Auto Theft with H.E.A.T

Tyler police want to ensure the safety of you and your car... So if you're worried about someone stealing your car, the police department may have a solution.

Police officers are enrolling East Texans in what they call the "heat program."  It's where officers sandblast free-- vin numbers onto parts of motorist's vehicles, so thieves are prevented from selling the parts later on.

At the time, parents also had a chance to safeguard their kids... free fingerprints and child safety gun locks were available. Officers say belonging to the heat program can also lower insurance rates.

"Most insurance companies will give you a discount if you're vehicle is etched, and then again we're hoping it will deter the thief when he sees this on there," said Gary King with Tyler Police department.

"He will know the glass is useless, and he'll go to the next vehicle. All you need to get your car etched is photo i.d and proof of ownership. You can contact Tyler police for future heat sign-ups.