Meals on Wheels Volunteers Walk for Their Cause

The non-profit Meals on Wheels has been bringing food to homebound senior citizens for years now.

But, this year, they took their mission a step further and started a March for Meals day across the country. Here in East Texas, Meals on Wheels of Tyler decided to do their march, and took their stroll in Rose Rudman Park Friday evening.

Not long after the walk, volunteers stood in the cold lighting candles. They say the candles symbolize how their organization can bring life to seniors living alone in the dark

"The most important thing they can do is to volunteer their time," said Amy Green with Meals on Wheels. "We use almost 250 drivers a week here in Tyler alone. About 50 routes a day. We have 889 meals that are served in Tyler."

If you'd like to donate money or volunteer for meals on wheels, you can call 593-7385, extension 35.