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New Start For Tyler Animal Control

Workers checking animals at clinic, 2007 Workers checking animals at clinic, 2007
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It was a new start for Tyler Animal Control. Last week the City of Tyler ended their 44 year relationship with the Humane Society of Smith County, and Monday began their new contract with the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville.

It was a busy morning for Shawn Markmann and the Tyler Animal Control Officers. 

"We come by every morning at seven and check all the traps pickup, put them all on one truck and make a run down to Klein," said Tyler Animal Control Interim Field Supervisor Shawn Markmann. "This is our first run out to the Klein Animal Shelter."

On that first run: Four stray dogs, a possum, and four kittens.

"We bring them back here. We've got a nice setup. Pull up 10 feet within the back and unload anything we have got," said Shawn. "We have a form we fill out describing the animal, describing any injury to the animal. Where we found them, special conditions, do we think there is an owner, did they get hit by a car, was there any noticeable injuries to the animals. "

Two shepherd mixes came in off the truck. Their information is documented and they are photographed. Angela Wallace or another employee at Klein will then put their information online so anyone can go to  and see them.

"We are just trying the specific identification information as well as their photos so they can identify those online and actually post those. So anyone that is missing animals can go ahead and start looking for those online," said Angela.

From now on, animals picked up in Tyler will be at Klein. Shawn says any animals picked up before now will stay at the Humane Society of Smith County. With day one under their belt, Shawn says they will face changes ahead in stride.

Now the city has agreed to compensate the budget for the extra fuel costs and wear and tear on the trucks. But they are not sure exactly how much the cost will be.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. (October 1, 2007)

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