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New Details On Bank Robbery Arrest

New details surrounding the arrest Derrick Hodges, 34.  He's the man believed to be responsible for two and a half years of bank robberies, all over East Texas.

Using a glove left behind at a Bank of America robbery last year, Henderson Police say they were able to link Hodges to the crime.  Police say DNA from the glove was put into a national database called CODIS.  Hodges DNA was later put into the system after Police say he was convicted for breaking into a house.  That's when the match was made.

"We were just kind of waiting to see what other move they were going to make then the CODIS came up," said Henderson Police Lieutenant Craig Sweeney.  "We had no idea.  I imagine all the other agencies investigating bank robberies that have not had any luck will go back and examine, and say here is what we have.  What can we get from this and maybe they can start linking."

The FBI refused to comment, but is working on the case.  Authorities say they have a person of interest for the second man seen in the surveillance video, but no details on his whereabouts have been released.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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