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Garton Benefit Concert Held In Whitehouse

In August, Mark Garton of Whitehouse was in a motorcycle accident, causing him severe brain damage. He improves everyday and Sunday a benefit concert was held for Mark. 

Even though Mark was not there physically, as a lifelong musician Mark was at the event - even if just through the music.

Hug, after hug, that's how people greeted Kathy Garton showing their support for her only son Mark. "We appreciate everyone that has come out, the music is great, the food is great, and the hugs are wonderful. They are just saying they love us and are behind us and know that Mark is going to walk out of there."

"My heart goes out to his family. I hope he pulls through," said Chaz Tritchiez. Chaz doesn't even know Mark, but he and his band still showed up to lend a helping hand, "Playing music is all we can do right now."

Ryan Rich runs reunion plaza where Mark is being treated. He's been called a gift from God by Mark's family. A few weeks ago Ryan received a phone call saying Mark would have to live the rest of his life in a nursing home.

"When Mark first came into reunion the Doctor says he is not going to be any better. He is going to be about the same," said Ryan, "Since then Mark has overcome most of what they said. Mark is now talking, walking some, he can brush his teeth, he can kiss his wife. Everytime I see something like that with Mark it makes me want to cry because from what they always said it is not going to happen, but he totally proved them all wrong."

Beside's touching his heart, Mark's story has also influenced Ryan's own future.

"I will never get on my motorcycle again," said Ryan, "I feel like Mark has saved my life in a way too.

"If Mark could talk instead of me. Mark would say 'My God is amazing he holds me in his right hand'," said Cathy.

A second chance and a new beginning. Bands of musicians hoping this time next year Mark will be with them on stage.

The concert was held to help offset some of the medical bills not covered by his insurance.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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