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Storms Hammer Kilgore , Longview, Kill One

     Power lines were toppled, huge trees were uprooted and one East Texan is killed by an apparent lightning strike, as storms hammered east Texas.

   "The windows started blowing real hard and it just sounded like a bomb going off I guess" said Pine Tree road resident Larry Meadows.

    The rumbling began in Longview Thursday night. Heavy storms, with straight line winds knocked trees down and roads were blocked off. Not too long after, an apparent lightning strike hit 53-year old Dennis Lee Harrison senior outside his home on Cox Lane, killing him instantly. On Swan Street, the wind and lightning erupted, leaving a trail of damage at several homes.

     "It came quick and with a vengeance, it came down so quick and fast you didn't have time to think or look but you heard all these loud snapping noises" said area homeowner Jim Nelson.

     Many said a sign of trouble , was the rain blowing horizontally.

    "Looked out my back door and it started to rain and the rain came harder and then next thing I knew it was going sideways" said storm witness Michelle Bethard.

     Powerful gusts were able uproot huge trees in the Swan Street, several of them narrowly missing area homes. But a home near Kilgore college was not so lucky,  the storm sending a tree punching through the roof.    No major damage done to the college campus.

    "None of the buildings were hit and fortunately none of the students were injured here so that's what we're thankful for" said Kilgore public information officer Cris Craddock.

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting .

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