Starving Horses in Upshur County

Fourteen horses have been found in Upshur County in horrible conditions and starving. They were found at three different locations near Gilmer, through the call of a concerned resident. Sheriffs say the Longview man who owned the animals had not groomed, or given any vet care to them in some time.

Ribs were showing and patches of hair and skin were falling off.. But that wasn't the worst of it. What sheriff's deputies found when they came to where the horses were being kept was nothing short of astonishing, they were underweighed, underfed, and two of them were pregnant. The horses were taken to Safe Haven Farms, a non-profit group that cares for abused and neglected horses.  Workers there could not believe the condition the animals were in. Fourteen horses in all were recovered with some having a slim chance of survival. The Longview owner will be facing four counts of cruelty to animals;  and a warrant for his arrest is expected shortly.