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Fair Food--Can It Be Healthy?

From funnel cakes to turkey legs, food at the fair has a reputation for being unhealthy. But is there such a thing as healthy fair food? KLTV found out the answer is-- not really-- but there are some better options.

Chocolate dipped, on a stick and of course, fried--you can get it anyway you want at the East Texas State Fair, but what are the consequences?

"The majority of fair food is fried or high in sugars so that's one thing that makes fair food tasty but it's not necessarily very good for you," says Amy Griffith, a registered dietician with the UT Health Center at Tyler. 

KLTV met up with Amy to get the scoop on fair food.

"You want to try to maybe limit or stay away from the fried, greasy foods like the funnel cakes, or the fried cheesecakes, those items are going to be much higher in calories," Amy says.

Amy says the best option is roasted corn on the cob, but the turkey leg isn't so bad either. She says definitely choose it over sausage on a stick.

"The turkey leg is going to be lower in fat, it's going to be lower in sat fat, the sausage is going to be higher in calorie," Amy explains.

The funnel cake is a staple favorite at the East Texas State Fair, but dieticians say it comes as no surprise that it's actually the worst of the worst. 

"It would probably take two hours on a treadmill or elliptical machine to burn the calories eaten from a funnel cake."

"That doesn't surprise me at all, I kind of went into knowing it," says fair goer Jeff Stiefer

Most people say they know the food is bad, but they also say it's oh so good.

"Calories don't count at the fair," says fair goer Marilyn Covey.

Amy says fair food can be a special treat once a year, just don't bank on seeing fried salads next year.  Well, we hope not.

And at the East Texas State Fair if you bring just four cans of food for the East Texas Food Bank, two dollars will be knocked off your ticket price.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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