Truant Students Get Tough Punishments

Judge Quincy Beavers courtroom was filled with students who skipped school, and now face stiff penalties. One 15 year old student, who has fifteen unexcused days from school is facing a tough time, "Get her name...were gonna send her to Lubbock,"  Judge Beaver said, referring to a detention school in West Texas. "Get your earrings off, hug your mother goodbye."

It not uncommon to see kids wiping tears away and their heads buried in their hands--realizing the judge isn't joking around. Another student missed sixty five days of school; he is now court ordered to get his GED; otherwise face a hefty fine.

While many of these students don't have much to say, their frustrated parents like Maloyne Grant do, "I don't want to see my son in jail," Grant says. "If he doesn't learn the lesson now, that's what's going to happen because he cannot break the law."

Whether tardy or truant, getting tough may be the only way to get them back in school.

Next month, Judge Beavers plans to have Smith County inmates come talk to kids about the mistakes the inmates have made in their lives.