Women In Tyler Day

Today the city of Tyler celebrated Women in Tyler Day. The theme of this years event was honoring Women in the Arts.

At today's event at the Rose garden Center 17 women were honored for their accomplishments and contributions to the arts.

The women honored were:

Kathy Herman for Poetry and Literature

Rosalis Montgomery for Writing Literature

Susan Campbell for Quilting

Billie Brewster for Painting

Beth Brown for Pottery

June Hillis for Book Illustrations

Virginia McKee for Decorative Painting

Ann Miller for Watercolor

Philana Oliphat for Sculpting

Thereza Bryce Cotes for Ballet

Pam Erwin for Jazz Music

Geneva Grainger for Set Design in Theater

Varina Johnson for Violin

Nora McDaniel for Vocal and Piano Jazz

Ruth Morrow for the Viola

Joyce Paro for Acting

Dr. Cheryl Rogers for Soprano vocals

Each woman was given a special certificate that was signed by the Governor.