Seniors Hold Flag Raising Ceremony

Today two flags were raised in the spirit of patriotism in Tyler, but the story behind the flag raising ceremony is a special one. The residents at Sterling House Assisted Living Center in Tyler wanted to raise a set of flags to show their love of America after September 11th...but they didn't have the money to buy two flags.

That's when resident Al Story got involved. He and his friends in the Sunrise Prayer Group came together and raised the funds for the flags, a Texas state Flag and an American Flag, and they were raised today while singing the National Anthem. Mr. Story then spoke to the crowd thanking God for his help in providing the Flags to Sterling House.

The American flag given to Sterling House was provided by Congressman Ralph Hall and the flag had flown over the capitol. The Texas State flag was provided by Representative Leo Berman and it had flown over the State Capitol.