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9/26/07 -Longview

Thieves Burglarize The Salvation Army

Their mission is to help others, but burglars have an East Texas Salvation Army in need themselves. Police say sometime between Monday and Tuesday night, burglars struck at the Longview Salvation Army on Cotton street.  Thieves threw a huge chunk of concrete through a of window and managed to rip the lock off the safe.  "We know there was about $1300 in cash and there was some donations checks that had come in through the mail. "It's disheartening that someone would take advantage of breaking into a charity, which is unfortunately what people do," said Salvation officer Robert Winters.

Workers say this is the second time thieves have broken into a Salvation Army facility in the past month.  Earlier this month the Salvation Army says thieves broke into a window right at their chapel, stealing thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment and electronics.

Despite the thefts, the Salvation Army says like their motto, "To Do The Most Good" they will continue to help East Texans.

 "We have to make the best use of whatever resources we have and when those resources are stolen it makes it a little more difficult. We just secure ourselves the best we can, press on, and continue to do the kind of work we do here in Longview," said Winters.

So far, Longview police have not made an arrest in either crime. If you have any information about the break-ins contact police. 

LaKecia Shockley,reporting.





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