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9/26/2007-Big Sandy

Town Without Water; Closes School

An East Texas town has already gone a day without water after a pump replacement cut off the flow of water. Classes were canceled Wednesday at Big Sandy ISD and while students certainly enjoyed this unexpected day off, some businesses were brought to a standstill.

"Believe it or not I woke up at 6:45 Wednesday morning and haven't gone back to sleep," said Tim Sunday, sophomore student athlete at Big Sandy.

For Tim and his younger brother Justin it wasn't an usual morning.

"My mom comes in and says you don't have school today. I thought it was just a way to wake me up and get excited," said Tim, "and she said call everybody you know and tell them you don't have school today. So I grabbed my cell phone and started calling everybody. Everybody thought I was joking with them."

But he wasn't joking. He went one by one through his phone to relay the message

"School was closed here today because of lack of water and some of the local businesses have closed voluntarily to conserve water," said Big Sandy Mayor Wayne Weese.

The Big Sandy Medical Clinic another place closed because of lack of water. Also across town other regular services weren't in use. Without running water there were no restrooms or many restaurants open. But for the Sunday brothers they had to work.

"We had a gathering of prayer and all that stuff and then we came home and started working," said 12 year old Justin Sunday, "Doing yard work."

"I'm showing chickens for FFA so I decided to get my pen started and mowing grass and cleaning house. Mom put a big list on us," said Tim.

"Tree branches fell down. So I did those. We've been mowing the lawn," said Justin.

A productive day for this family despite the dry circumstances.

The Mayor said school is scheduled for Thursday, as soon as the water flow is back to normal. A boil water notice has been issued until further notice.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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