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UAW Strike May Affect Longview Plant

A United Auto Workers national strike could cost hundreds of non-union workers their jobs in East Texas. Tight lipped workers made their way to Dana corps already aware that a UAW strike could put many of them out of work. Dana's arrival in 2002 was seen as a boon for a sagging Longview economy.

"This was right after the Stroh's plant had closed and Axelson and our economy was not very good at the time. And we were delighted that in 2002 Dana announced locating here" said Longview Economic Development Corporation Executive Director John Stroud.

Dana employs over 600 workers making truck frames, and many local businesses, like the local Grandy's, depend on those workers spending money with them.

"They come in at breakfast, lunch and even supper. That would hurt us at if they stopped coming in to spend their money" said Grandy's worker Sharon Jester.

Dana workers make frames for the Canyon, the Colorado and the Hummer.

"They're the sole source supplier of the frame for the General Motors plant in Shreveport" said Stroud.

The company reorganized under Chapter 11 bankruptcy and looked to re-group. But the strike, even a short one, could have long term effects.

"The longer it lasts, the more impact it will have on more people. We're very concerned that if this strike lasts for very long, and I'm talking about a few days, that could potentially affect about 500 people here in Longview" Stroud said.

"I'm hoping they keep their jobs" said Jester.

Around 500 workers produce frames for GM, while around 100, who are not affected by the strike, produce frames for Toyota.

We tried to reach Dana Corp representatives today. They did not return our calls. And no corporate statement has been released as to what affect the strike will have on employees in Longview.

Bob Hallmark

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