New X-ray Technology at Good Shepherd Hospital

The usual way for healthcare workers to look at x-rays may soon be a thing of the past. Doctors usually have to study an image backlite on a wall viewbox... But a new process called the "Picture Achieving and Communications System, or P.A.C.S., delivers digital x-rays directly to a computer terminal and Internet, complete with audio analysis. As soon as the exam is finished, and the radiologist has dictated, the referring physician can now, on the same day,  pull the exam up in his office, look at it, and hear what the radiologist said about it.  That could happen within a matter of minutes.

The 3.2 million dollar P.A.C.S. system went into operation at Longview's Good Shepherd Hospital on Monday, and it has had an immediate impact. X-rays, Cat-scans and M.R.I's all go into the system and P.A.C.S. can even build a new look out of the images. One of the unique aspects of this technology is that it can take individual images, combine them, and give doctors a 3-dimensional picture to work with. Doctors can get another look at areas they couldn't see as the 3-D image is rotated. And all information is is stored and archived on D.V.D. disk. Good Shepherd is the only hospital in East Texas with this technology... and with it, health care workers hope they can treat patients faster and more efficiently.