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9/24/07 -Longview

Nelson Street Residents Speak Out About Neighborhood Crime

Residents who live in the Nelson street community say they're not giving up their homes without a fight. In the past week there have been several crimes in the Stamper Park area. Last week, 51 -year old Nathaniel Rusk was shot inside his home on the 800th block of Nelson street. Today, an arson fire left 71 -year old Robert Mayfield without a home. Residents in the community say crime is taking over their neighborhood. "If I get up and open my door, I'm scared that I might get shot by opening my door, or somebody may come and burn my house up," said Nelson street resident Frances Pryor.  "We scared to be out at night. We can't sit out on the porch, we don't know what to do over here," said resident Robert Earl White. While resident are fearful for their lives, police say they're trying to keep the community protected. Longview police Sergeant Shaun Pendleton said, "We'll hear complaints that we're not out there doing out jobs, but the problem is we need the citizens to get more involved." Resident say there's supposed to be a neighborhood watch in the area, but nobody is taking the time to watch out for each other.  "For a neighborhood to be a neighborhood, everybody needs to band together. It's supposed be a crime watch here, but nobody is watching nobody's back, said Pryor. "We can't see all of the crimes ourselves, all the time and we can't be everywhere all at once, so we need the citizens to step forward and say, this is what's going on,"  said Pendleton. Nelson street residents say regardless of the crime that goes on, they're determined to keep what's theirs safe."We're going to protect our area over here, anyway we can to keep this crime down and stop all this murdering," said White. Despite the crime, residents in Stamper Park say they're here to stay and they're hoping a better change will come sooner rather than later.

LaKecia Shockley,reporting 

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