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City & Humane Society Call It Quits

They've worked together more than 40 years, but now, they say "no more." The Humane Society of Smith County and the City of Tyler are calling it quits.

The City announced Monday that they will start next Monday, October 1st to use another shelter in Jacksonville for their animal control services.

Both sides say the decision to sever ties is for the best. But in the end, it all boiled down to money. Recently the relationship has been very strained, with accusations of abuse and mismanagement. The final straw, however happened in May when the Humane Society's request for a budget increase was rejected by the city. The Humane Society then drew up a counter-proposal to the request, but it still was not good enough.

"We are a not for profit organization and it costs us approximately $57 for every animal that comes through this shelter and the city was paying us $27," said Gayle Helms, Director, Humane Society of Smith County.

"After the budget had been submitted to the council they came back with a demand for $200,000 that is a 70% increase and that caused us to ask some questions," said Mayor Joey Seeber, City of Tyler.

After an extensive search for other shelters to house stray animals, the city ultimately decided to use the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville. Mayor Seeber told KLTV he hopes this shelter will provide a better level of service for all residents.

Now many have been curious about what will happen to the Humane Society of Smith County. Gayle Helms said that they will become a selective admission shelter and will change many things including being open on Sundays for prospective adoptive families.

Danielle Capper, Reporting


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